Online payments is one of the most common ways people send and receive money. A lot of people do not use traditional bank methods anymore because online payments let them send cash without having to go out. However, there is still a lot of stigmas about online payments that keep people from using them. To help you learn more, here are the myths and truths about online remittance services.


They Are Not Reliable

A lot of people stick to traditional payment methods because they think that online payments are not reliable, but that is far from the truth. A lot of online payment services are trustworthy and get the job done, even better than the banks at times! You just have to look for a reliable online payment service to make your transactions. You will find many reviews from people that tried out online payment services state that they are more than happy with the smooth payment methods they used!

They Are Expensive

You would be surprised at how affordable it is to use online payment methods. A lot of remittance services online offer much lower rates and fees to make transactions compared to traditional bank methods. They often have flat rates that will be good for anyone who wants to send transactions. Banks can charge as much as 10.5% of the amount you want to send as a fee to send cash, especially if you are sending money abroad.

There Are Many Security Risks

Because online payment methods are new, a lot of people assume that they are not as secure as traditional ways. However, many online payment services, especially if they are reputable, are very secure and sometimes even have higher security standards than banks! Reputable remittance services websites have up-to-date security and the latest technology to ensure that your money and details will remain safe. That is why many online payment services will make you do extra steps such as sending a code to your phone number before sending money or re-entering your PIN.

Of course, you should make sure you take your own measures to stay safe as well. For example, you should always log out of the site when you are done making your transactions. You should also never use public WiFi and computers when you use online payment services so hackers cannot get your details. These small steps can help ensure your safety and give you peace of mind when you use online payment methods.

You Cannot Speak to People

People might be hesitant to use online payment services because if they run into a problem they will not get customer assistance. However, online payment services offer a lot of customer service options. They typically have e-mail address, social media accounts and sometimes even phone numbers for you to use to contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

Online payments are actually a great way to send and receive money. You do not have to stick to old bank methods to make online payments. Try out a reliable online payment service today!